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Introducing the Latest Slides at Bill's Bounce

Dora and Diego Learning Adventure

dora adventure

21 Feet Length by 21 Feet Width by 7 Feet 8 Inches Tall

Retro Deluxe Combo

19' Length by 15' Wide by 16' Height

Velcro Wall

velcro wall inflatable

18 Feet Tall

The Atlantis Inflatable Slide

Atlantis Slide

40 Feet Wide : 30 Feet Deep : 25 Feet Tall

The Pirate Ship Inflatable Slide

Pirate Ship Inflatable Slide

16 Feet Wide : 30 Feet Long : 16 Feet Tall

Monster Splash Water Slide with Pool

Monster Water Slide With Pool

45 Feet Long : 12 Feet Wide : 18 Feet Tall

Inflatable Rentals
Made of high quality materials.

Slip and Slide Inflatable

Surf & Slide
30' long x 8'6" wide x 6'8"' high

Commando Inflatable Slide

Commando Slide
31'4" Long x 17'6" Wide x 23'6" High

Tinkerbell Inflatable Bounce House

Tinkerbell Jump
13' long x 13' wide x 12'8" high

Water Slide Inflatable

Volcano Slide with Detachable Pool
30'7" long x 13'4" wide x 15" high

double splash water slide

Double Splash Slide
24'6" long x 21'6" wide x 18'6" high

Volcano Extension for Water Slide
Volcano Slide Extension
20'6" long x 10'6" wide x 6'6"" high

Dora Jump Bounce House

Dora Jump House
15'10" wide x 14'6" high

Castle Jump House

Castle Jump House
12'4" long x 13'4" wide x 16" high

Jousting Game Inflatable
Jousting Game
20' long x 25' wide

Fun House Jump House

Fun House Jump House
15' long x 15' wide x 13' high

sport bounce house

Sports Bounce House
14' Wide By 14' Deep By 15' High

Olympic Bounce House
15' by 15'


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NEW: Dunk Tank!
Dunk Tank
Click here to view our
Easy Dunker featured
in the Dunk Tank Event
on the Disney Channel Games!

We also rent:

Tents, Tables and Chairs

Concession Equipment and Supplies

Dunk Tank

Popcorn Poppers

Hot Dog Machine

Cotton Candy Machines

Snow Cone Machines

Bubble Machine

Fog Machine

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